"Live2Lead was a remarkable event for me and my leadership team.  We came away with practical and effective strategies for leading better at work, at home and in our community." 

- Janet Ward Black, Ward Black Law

"This was my third consecutive Live2Lead and as always, I left feeling inspired and renewed in my commitment to personal growth. This event continues to find new and engaging speakers who help participants expand their understanding of and capacity for leadership." 

 - Ryan Collins, UNCG Office of Housing & Residence Life

"Live2Lead conference has added much value to my life and has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of what it means to be a leader, specifically a servant leader in a self focused world. The insight you will receive and networking you will experience at this conference will last a lifetime and is worth your time and investment. It has truly impacted me for the better."  

- Maria Elena Surprenant, Surprenant Dance

"I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the Live2Lead simulcast event! I was encouraged, challenged, and motivated to continue in my leadership journey through the engaging and dynamic sessions." ​

- Michelle Mills, Public Information Officer

"Live2Lead was nothing short than phenomenal! It was life changing. It gave me the nuggets of leadership that is sure to give a priceless return on my investment." 

- Jonathan Woodbury, Traverus Global Travel Consultant

"Live2Lead was such an impactful event!  All of the speakers were excellent but something Dave Ramsey said really stuck with me.  'Your organization will never outgrow your leadership.'  Keep that in mind and always seek opportunities for learning and growth in everything you do!  I'm very grateful for the opportunity to have spent my day listening to such incredible servant leaders." 

- Lindsey Woelker, UNCG Office of Leadership and Service Learning

“Had the pleasure of attending the recent Live2Lead seminar/workshop in Greensboro.  What an amazing event!  The speakers all brought a unique look and perspective of leadership and how they have grown and cultivated it in themselves and those around them.  I took 6 pages of notes and every bit of it will be invaluable to my personal growth as a leader, both at work, at home and in my community.  I’m already looking forward to attending next year!”

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